I can tell any prospective client of Larry Rolwes, without hesitancy, that they will be dealing with a man of character, honesty, truthfulness, and passion in all aspects of his business and family.

Your wisdom will be reflected in using and taking advantage of his many constructive services. 

Our home, from design to structure and quality has been a model of professionalism, a measurable piece of craftsmanship, a source of excitement for the vibrancy of our community and a reflection of the integrity of those involved in the build as Larry's employees and vendors.


We are often complimented, by complete strangers, that walk or drive by our home, on how beautiful the house looks.

Larry has assembled a very capable team of carpenters, plumbers, heating and cooling technicians, roofers, flooring installers and materials suppliers that provided the unmatched experience, timely suggestions and attention to detail that a truly custom designed home demands.

Also, the time and confident thoughtfulness that Larry brought to the process was evident throughout the planning, design and construction phases of our home. Our Thanks to Larry and Team.


My husband and I found Larry Rolwes and our home lot to be pure serendipity!

We had had only ever dreamed of building and met Larry with the help of our realtor and our plan was born! The exterior design and details, and the inner layout of our home were met with experienced, yet flexible options that met our needs and wants.

Larry had a wealth of experience building homes and a list of professional resources that assisted with building, electrical, plumbing and lighting, etc. He was willing to meet our particular need and truly helped our dreams become a reality and my husband and I are truly grateful to Larry and his team!


It is with our great pleasure to reflect on our amazing experience working with Larry Rolwes. We have just celebrated three years of living in a beautiful home Larry built.

A few highlights that made our buying experience so memorable include the fact he kept his word and completed a significant amount of upgrades within a twenty-one day scheduled closing.

We had just moved to the area and experienced challenges in finding a home in a desirable area, new construction and something a little more special than just a spec home. Larry delivered on all three criteria. Larry had reason to be proud of his accomplishments - from building a home that was not custom, or pre-sold to a buyer, and educated us during an open house on what made his home special.

Larry made what could have been a very stressful experience a manageable and engaging one. He is someone who will listen and work with you to find a mutually agreeable outcome. We have also appreciated his periodic “check-in” to see how things are going in the home and answer any questions. 

We are happy to recommend Larry for any building needs!!


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