975 Rue Saint Jacques Front


My wife Mary and I contracted with Homes by Rolwes to build a Craftsman-style ranch home on a never previously developed piece of property in Old Town Florissant in the summer of 2016.

The project began in the late fall of 2016 and was completed the end of March 2017.

Our home, from design to structure and quality has been a model of professionalism, a measurable piece of craftsmanship, a source of excitement for the vibrancy of our community and a reflection of the integrity in those involved in the build as employees of or vendors for Homes by Rolwes.

As a retired Pharmacist who previously owned a Pharmacy in Florissant I have had many business contacts and professional interactions with patients and business people all over North County. I can tell any prospective client of Larry Rolwes, without hesitancy, that they will be dealing with a man of character, honesty, truthfulness, and passion in all aspects of his business and family.

Your wisdom will be reflected in using and taking advantage of his many constructive services.

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